2010 Atlanta Braves – The Year of the Cox, Decade of the Heyward

Posted March 25, 2010 by Andy Medlin
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Long-time Atlanta Braves manager, Bobby Cox, will retire at the end of this season thus bringing an end to a superb era for the Atlanta Braves and baseball as a whole. He will truly be missed by fans and players alike (thank goodness I got to a game last year in which he added to his Major League Baseball record of most ejections). The run of 14 straight division championships ended a few years ago, and the Braves haven’t been as competitive since. But this isn’t really Bobby’s fault. Team ownership quit spending as much on payroll while the division rival Phillies doubled down on theirs. They’ll most likely get to their third straight World Series this year.

But the Braves have something great to look forward to for the next few years (or hopefully more) and that is 20-year old phenom Jason Heyward. If you believe the massive hype around this guy, then he is the next superstar of the league. After seeing him play on tv yesterday in their preseason game, I believe it. Read the rest of this post »


I Want It

Posted March 17, 2010 by Andy Medlin
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Basically an update to an earlier post about 3-D television.

The first wave of models are out and apparently are selling well. I heard a review on the radio from a recent consumer show that said anything under 60″ or so isn’t giving you the full effect that a larger 3-D would. First person to buy one gets to invite me over.

The Hansbrough Hangover

Posted March 16, 2010 by Andy Medlin
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Please just make the headache stop. End the Carolina Men’s Basketball season. It’s been an excruciating year, in fact, I can’t remember my junior year at UNC being quite this painful, and the team went 8-20. Maybe I just drowned my sorrows back then.

Speaking of drinking, you know that feeling the day after a night on the town, where you’re groggy, complacent, physically beat up and just a shell of your usual self? The fun had the night before was great, and worth doing again, but it’s kind of hard to see that high through the painful low of the hangover. Welcome to the Tar Heel’s season.
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“Guess Who’s Bizzack?”

Posted March 12, 2010 by Andy Medlin
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Jay Z at the Greensboro Coliseum
February 28, 2010
With Young Jeezy and Trey Songz

The masses are descending upon Greensboro Coliseum this weekend to catch a glimpse of some of the biggest teams and best college basketball players in the country at the ACC Men’s Tournament. Two weeks ago, on February 28, the scene was similar but also very different as people flocked to the Coliseum to catch a glimpse of the ultimate baller–the best rapper alive–Jay Z.
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Holden’s Barbeque – Youngsville, NC

Posted February 16, 2010 by Andy Medlin
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Holden’s Barbeque – Youngsville, NC
582 US 1 Highway
Youngsville, NC 27596

Pull into the gravel parking lot of Holden’s Barbeque on US Hwy 1 just north of Wake Forest, and you might think you’ve gone back in time at least 30 years. The small white cinder block building hasn’t changed much over that time, and I’m willing to bet the food hasn’t either.

If I’m not mistaken, the original restaurant that was opened over 50 years ago now serves as the smoke house beside the main restaurant. The dining room has about 15 tables that fill up with people craving the Eastern NC style bbq defined by smoking a whole hog and seasoning it with a vinegar-based sauce.
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Chubby’s Tacos – Three Triangle Locations

Posted February 9, 2010 by Andy Medlin
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Chubby’s Tacos
Lake Boone: 2444 Wycliff Road, Raleigh, NC
Ninth Street: 748 Ninth Street, Durham, NC
Woodcroft: 4711 Hope Valley Road, Durham, NC

I love Mexican and Latin food. I wish I lived in San Antonio. Can’t get enough of it. So I’ll frequent the local options like El Rodeo, Las Margaritas, Qdoba and yes, even Taco Bell, several times a week. But most of their offerings aren’t that close to authentic Mexican/Southwestern U.S. dishes. There are a couple options around that break through the cookie-cutter mold of local Mexican, but they’re not as obvious nor as prevalent.

Luckily Chubby’s Tacos second location opened in Raleigh’s Lake Boone Trail shopping center about a year ago. It took over the 19th Hole Bar & Grill spot, which creates a small, tucked away restaurant that is perfect for a taco joint. But the owners, also responsible for the local Bandido’s Mexican restaurants, offer so much more than the 17 different tacos on the menu. They have the usual burritos, quesadillas, taco salads and nachos, but also gorditas (mexican pita sandwiches as they put it), tamales, pupusas and tortas. They also have a salsa/condiment bar with lots of unique options to go with your meal.
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Recipe: Crock Pot Carolina BBQ

Posted January 29, 2010 by Andy Medlin
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This is the first post in my “Adventures in Cooking” section. Over the last few years, I’ve phased out a lot of my hobbies like fishing and kayaking due to the lack of time excuse, but the time I’ve spent cooking has made up for it. I really enjoy it, and I think I can hold my own among most “amateur” cooks (selling quesadillas at Phish show in college didn’t classify me as a pro).

Since it’s a passion of mine, why not share some tips, stories and recipes. The first recipe is one I shared with some of my former N&O coworkers a few years ago. I know a couple of them still use it, so why not start here?
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