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High Park Bar and Grill – Raleigh, NC

April 5, 2010

High Park Bar and Grill
625 E. Whitaker Mill Rd.
Raleigh, NC 27608

Before I get into the food, let me mention something timely. High Park always has a Carolina-friendly crowd for major sporting events and usually has the volume turned up for the broadcast. I watched a couple of basketball games there during the Heels’ title run last year, a televised Late Night with Roy and more recently (and painfully) the NIT Championship loss last week. So that should also mean it’s a good place to go tonight and cheer against Duke in the Championship game. And now the grub…

You don’t expect to see a large comfort food menu at a sports bar, but High Park Bar and Grill on Whitaker Mill Road near Five Points in Raleigh offers just that.

Sure, all the usual bar fare is offered. The wings are large, crispy and cooked just right. A numerous sauce collection that can provide a change of pace from the standard buffalo sauces is also available. So by all means try the wings, the sandwiches or the appetizers if you’re in the mood. But High Park Bar and Grill takes pride in the “Southern Style” menu with some great options you can’t find at sports bars very often. (more…)


The Hansbrough Hangover

March 16, 2010

Please just make the headache stop. End the Carolina Men’s Basketball season. It’s been an excruciating year, in fact, I can’t remember my junior year at UNC being quite this painful, and the team went 8-20. Maybe I just drowned my sorrows back then.

Speaking of drinking, you know that feeling the day after a night on the town, where you’re groggy, complacent, physically beat up and just a shell of your usual self? The fun had the night before was great, and worth doing again, but it’s kind of hard to see that high through the painful low of the hangover. Welcome to the Tar Heel’s season.

2010-2011 Should be Banner Year for Heels

January 5, 2010

The last few weeks of December 2009 and the first week of January 2010 are ones the UNC Football, Men’s Basketball teams and Tar Heel fans would just as soon forget.

Another bowl loss in Charlotte makes the Heels 0-3 in the decade there (doesn’t the Peach Bowl win at the end of 2001 seem like ages ago?). Combine that with the Basketball team’s lackluster victories against weak December opponents and a loss to College of Charleston. Roy Williams recently said this is the most negative he’s ever been with a team. Not encouraging news.

State fans are content (and loud) that Butch Davis is “0 for T.O.B. (Tom O’Brien)” and dook fans are salivating upon seeing our early struggles on the hardwood. So why think the Heels are entering a great stretch over the next year and a half? Consider this.