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High Park Bar and Grill – Raleigh, NC

April 5, 2010

High Park Bar and Grill
625 E. Whitaker Mill Rd.
Raleigh, NC 27608

Before I get into the food, let me mention something timely. High Park always has a Carolina-friendly crowd for major sporting events and usually has the volume turned up for the broadcast. I watched a couple of basketball games there during the Heels’ title run last year, a televised Late Night with Roy and more recently (and painfully) the NIT Championship loss last week. So that should also mean it’s a good place to go tonight and cheer against Duke in the Championship game. And now the grub…

You don’t expect to see a large comfort food menu at a sports bar, but High Park Bar and Grill on Whitaker Mill Road near Five Points in Raleigh offers just that.

Sure, all the usual bar fare is offered. The wings are large, crispy and cooked just right. A numerous sauce collection that can provide a change of pace from the standard buffalo sauces is also available. So by all means try the wings, the sandwiches or the appetizers if you’re in the mood. But High Park Bar and Grill takes pride in the “Southern Style” menu with some great options you can’t find at sports bars very often. (more…)


2010 Atlanta Braves – The Year of the Cox, Decade of the Heyward

March 25, 2010

Long-time Atlanta Braves manager, Bobby Cox, will retire at the end of this season thus bringing an end to a superb era for the Atlanta Braves and baseball as a whole. He will truly be missed by fans and players alike (thank goodness I got to a game last year in which he added to his Major League Baseball record of most ejections). The run of 14 straight division championships ended a few years ago, and the Braves haven’t been as competitive since. But this isn’t really Bobby’s fault. Team ownership quit spending as much on payroll while the division rival Phillies doubled down on theirs. They’ll most likely get to their third straight World Series this year.

But the Braves have something great to look forward to for the next few years (or hopefully more) and that is 20-year old phenom Jason Heyward. If you believe the massive hype around this guy, then he is the next superstar of the league. After seeing him play on tv yesterday in their preseason game, I believe it. (more…)

“Avatar,” ESPN and 3-D Television

January 10, 2010

I saw “Avatar” in the theater a couple weeks ago, and it was badass. Do yourself a favor and go see in the theaters or IMAX. The story and the characters make a good film on their own, but what really impressed me were the 3-D effects.

I haven’t seen a 3-D movie before “Avatar.” Recent 3-D films like “My Bloody Valentine” and “Monsters vs. Aliens,” aren’t exactly my favorite genres. But my misconceptions about the effects were thrown out the window as soon as the 3D previews and commercials (yes 3-D Coke ads) began. Computer-generated imagery (CGI) has really improved the technology over the last few years allowing objects to jump off the screen, and make it feel like you’re physically in the middle of the action. It was much more realistic than I imagined. Even the cheesy red and blue paper glasses have been replaced by some tolerable Buddy Holly style hard plastic frames and lenses.

So when I heard last week that ESPN and Discovery were each launching 3-D television networks later this year, I was pumped. Starting with the World Cup this summer I can watch sports in 3-D the next Shark Week will reach a whole new level . How great is that?