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I Want It

March 17, 2010

Basically an update to an earlier post about 3-D television.

The first wave of models are out and apparently are selling well. I heard a review on the radio from a recent consumer show that said anything under 60″ or so isn’t giving you the full effect that a larger 3-D would. First person to buy one gets to invite me over.


“Guess Who’s Bizzack?”

March 12, 2010

Jay Z at the Greensboro Coliseum
February 28, 2010
With Young Jeezy and Trey Songz

The masses are descending upon Greensboro Coliseum this weekend to catch a glimpse of some of the biggest teams and best college basketball players in the country at the ACC Men’s Tournament. Two weeks ago, on February 28, the scene was similar but also very different as people flocked to the Coliseum to catch a glimpse of the ultimate baller–the best rapper alive–Jay Z.

Retro-Cool: Predictions for in the New Decade

January 26, 2010

Recycled trends, products or ideas of the past often fuel pop culture of the present. Something old will have a resurgence and become popular again—it’s all very cyclical. So when you look at things that have come back into style or retro-cool, you can start to see a loose pattern of how long it took for that thing to regain popularity.

Many such things seem to go dormant for about 20 years after a peak in popularity. So if you look at the decades things popular in the 1970s became popular again in the 1990s and pop culture from the 1980s resurged in the 2000s. There a probably several reasons for this. Marketers can introduce new generations to old ideas as if they’re brand new–and not spend any money developing them. As younger generations move into their 30s and have more spending power, the things popular in their childhood create a sense of nostalgia, so that generation l buy old products and trends. Obviously, Hollywood will recycle at the drop of a dime, often being so inpatient they won’t wait as long as 20 years.

Here are some examples of recycled trends from the 1980s that we just saw regain popularity in the 2000s.

5 Worst Government Agencies I’ve Dealt With

January 5, 2010

All too often we have to take care of business that involves the government. Paperwork, registrations, blah, blah blah. This wouldn’t be so bad if these agencies were run like a private company, because they would actually be forced to pursue excellence. Unfortunately they’re all basic monopolies, so they strive to become outdated and inadequate.

Welcome to the blog-o-dome …

December 11, 2009

Not really sure what I’m doing with this folks, but hopefully you can find it somewhat interesting from time to time. Suggestions and feedback are welcome. Thanks and enjoy.