New “gig” for my restaurant profiles

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted something, so here is my excuse. I was contacted by to be one of their Raleigh contributors. It’s basically a network of sites that focus on larger cities across the country. It features locally written content in a number of different categories. The one I’m now doing is Raleigh Restaurants – Comfort Food. Pretty good fit, since I was doing that already with my blog, and should be a decent resume builder as I continue my funemployment.

Click to check out my homepage and the two new reviews of Big Ed’s (I really miss working downtown) and Ole Time Barbecue (and living in the 27607).

So my profiles of Raleigh comfort food restaurants will reside on, but I’ll continue to post other things on this blog and direct traffic to my page when appropriate. So check out the site, sign up for the email notice if you want notification when I post a new profile, and tell anyone you know who likes great homestyle food in the Raleigh area. Let me know if you have any interest in writing for one of their other categories. It’s good writing experience and can be fun sharing your “expertise” on a category you enjoy.

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