5 Worst Government Agencies I’ve Dealt With

All too often we have to take care of business that involves the government. Paperwork, registrations, blah, blah blah. This wouldn’t be so bad if these agencies were run like a private company, because they would actually be forced to pursue excellence. Unfortunately they’re all basic monopolies, so they strive to become outdated and inadequate.

For someone still in their twenties, I’ve had to deal with my fair share of them. My elderly dad had a stroke a couple years back, and I assumed responsibility for his finances, etc. This has proven to be quite time-consuming and frustrating, thanks in large part to these government agencies. I understand there is a lot of red tape, but that doesn’t excuse poor customer service nor pure stupidity.

So here is my list the agencies that I’ve had the worst time dealing with:

5) IRS
Honestly, the correspondence with them is much easier than others. You don’t have to deal with people or phone systems very often. But they’re intimidating, and most of the correspondence with them involves handing over your hard-earned money, which makes it a pretty painful process despite this. If anyone at the IRS is reading this, please don’t audit me.

4) Wake County Revenue Department
Them: “You’ll have to print out the tax adjustment form online and fax it back to us.”
Me: “I have to go to Staples to fax this to you? I can’t just scan it here at my house, right now, and email it to you?”
Them: “No.”
Me: “Ridiculous.”

3) Employment Security Commission of North Carolina
Having recently been laid off, I’m very grateful for what they do. However, being laid off in early November and still having not received any benefits from them really is ticking me off. I’ve talked with five different people, including a “manager,” on the phone and have been stopped by several road blocks on their Web site. I guess they prefer you come into an office in person (see #1 below for my hesitance to do so) so they scheduled a face to face appointment with me next week. Of course, they didn’t tell me about the appointment. Luckily the last person I talked to on the phone noticed the appointment, and actually took some ownership in resolving my situation. Thanks Jill.

2) DMV
No further explanation needed, just insert your own horror story.

1) Social Security
The offices are nearly impossible to tolerate. Security yells at you to put away your cell phone, even if you’re simply using it to play tetris to pass the hour and a half it takes for them to get to you. Yet, the offices are the best way to get things done because the phone system and Web sites are useless. I had never actually cussed out someone on the phone (ex-girlfriends aside) until I had to deal with them. Although I did take some satisfaction in ALMOST badgering one of their people into answering ‘yes’ to my repeated rhetorical question, “do you understand how absurd the answer you just gave me is?”

Check back in a few years to see if the public school system trumps them all.

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2 Comments on “5 Worst Government Agencies I’ve Dealt With”

  1. T-$ Says:

    Great list… how about a post dedicated to private companies that suck as well? Time Warner anyone?

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