Griffin’s Restaurant – Youngsville, NC

Griffin’s Restaurant
132 W Main St, Youngsville, NC

The downtown landscape of Youngsville isn’t much to see. A few stoplight and a couple dozens businesses make up the heart of this small Franklin County town that lies just a mile or so from where I grew up. Even so it’s still easy to miss the humble store front of Griffin’s amongst the other old brick buildings surrounding it.

With an equally humble interior consisting of only a dozen tables, Griffin’s is open for breakfast and lunch seven days a week and has been for decades. The breakfast items are served anytime–which is great for weekend patrons like myself that can’t always work up a big appetite first thing in the morning. And as is the case with most southern “diners” like this, you’ll need that appetite. You’ll find your typical southern fare for both breakfast and lunch, although they do have offer turkey sausage and egg substitute omelets which you might not expect from this old school joint.

The omelets are excellent and a little cheaper than similar establishments, and they come with the usual grits or hash browns and toast or biscuit. Their homemade biscuits are large, and delicious, so choose that over toast if given the chance. The hash browns are the shredded kind, and aren’t spectacular, nor are the grits, but no worries–you probably won’t have much room for them anyway.

Even when my dad took me to Griffin’s as a kid, I always ordered off the breakfast menu. In addition to the omelets, the pancakes and biscuit sandwiches are good bet, and everything is under $7.50 with most items in the $6 range. I can’t say I’ve actually ordered off the lunch menu, per se.  But I’m sure the cooks can hold their own with the lunch fare as well. Service is fast, and you’ll hear a lot of “honey” and “darling” from the polite waitresses. The loyal locals can make for some entertaining people watching as well.

If you’re ever heading north out of the Triangle to Lake Gaston, Richmond, or are otherwise in the Youngsville area (just off US Hwy 1 north of Wake Forest) in the morning or mid-day, definitely check this place out.

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One Comment on “Griffin’s Restaurant – Youngsville, NC”

  1. woodman33 Says:

    I also grew up a few miles away from Griffins restaurant and visited quite often with my parents. Since I recently moved back to Wake Forest I’ve dined there a couple times to see if they were as good as I remembered. I was with Andy the first time and had the sausage omelet, grits, and biscuits. That’s right, they give you two biscuits. The second time I went was a Sunday morning and the special was too good to pass up. 2 eggs, sausage or bacon, grits or hash browns, and toast or biscuits for $3.99. I still give Griffins 2 thumbs up and recommend you stop by.

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